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Respiratory Support Program for Dogs and Cats

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Natural Support for Dogs and Cats with Respiratory Distress

Das Nzymes® Respiratory Support Program for Dogs and Cats is simple to use and works well. It was designed for pets to offer natural nutritional support with many different respiratory issues. Respiratory problems in pets may include symptoms like Kennel cough, Flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, URI’s, Sneezing, Runny Nose and General Congestion.

HINWEIS: Do not ignore these symptoms if you notice your dog or cat is battling with them, see your vet.

When your dog or cat is down with a respiratory problem, you want to do something about it that makes a real difference. It needs to be safe, effective and easy to use while delivering the desired results. That is exactly what the Nzymes Healthy Respiratory Program for Dogs and Cats dreht sich alles um.

Gesundes Atmungsprogramm

3 Simple Steps for Healthier Breathing

First, we begin by adding Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops to the pet’s food and water dish daily.

Second, we add the drops to a Verdampfer, oder Luftbefeuchter mit kühlem Nebel to be inhaled by the affected pet to breathe until recovery is achieved.

And finally, we add the power of the Super-food Antioxidant Treats to the pet’s daily regimen to promote better energy and faster recovery.

Print PDF Instructions – Respiratory Support Program

give ox-E-drops with food or syringe

Step 1 – Give Ox-E-Drops Internally Mixed in Pet’s Food or with Oral Syringe

Above all, we want to get the Ox-E-Drops into the pet every day. Next, add the correct amount of drops based on the pet’s size of the pet into the Lebensmittel und die water dish. Used internally, the Ox-E-Drops react with the body’s own natural chemistry, releasing ions throughout the system via the bloodstream. This is a positive support for the immune system. With respiratory conditions, some pets become lethargic, barely eating or drinking, so it may be necessary to administer the drops to them via an Mundspritze. Sie können eine oder alle dieser Methoden anwenden. Das Wichtigste ist, die Tropfen zu bekommen in the pet every day.
Pet Weight Usage Amount
1 to 39 lbs. 2 Drops Twice Daily / 40 to 79 lbs. 3 Drops Twice Daily
80 to 99 lbs. 4 Drops Twice Daily / 100 to 119 lbs. 5 Drops Twice Daily
120 to 139 lbs. 6 Drops Twice Daily / 140 to 159 lbs. 7 Drops Twice Daily

Using A Vaporizer with Pet kennel

Step 2 – Add Ox-E-Drops to a Vaporizer/Humidifier to be breathed by the Pet

Breathing the Ox-E-Drops with a Vaporizer or Cool-mist Humidifier is simple. Just add 1 teaspoon (80 drops) of Ox-E-Drops to a 1-gallon water reservoir of a Vick’s vaporizer and let the pet breath the vapors. For best results, put the pet in a kennel or carrier and cover with a sheet (see video below). Allow the vapors to concentrate inside and after 15 minutes, pull the sheet back and let the vaporizer continue to run. HINWEIS: Repeat this every hour or so. In addition, If a kennel or carrier is not available, make the pet comfortable in a small enclosed space, like a small bathroom. Allow the vaporizer to run as these sessions should last 1-2 hours using this method.

Über Nacht: Wherever your pet is comfortable sleeping, you can allow the vaporizer to run nearby. The vapors are safe to breathe for everyone in the family. The vaporizer can run in your bedroom if that is where your pet sleeps at night.

Respiratory Support Kit for Dogs and Cats

3 Antioxidans-Unterstützung mit dem Respiratorischen Kit

We suggest, It’s best to choose our Gesundes Atemgerät. This kit includes 1 bottle of the Ox-E-Drops sowie ein Mundspritze and 1 bottle of Antioxidantien für Haustiere. The powerful Super-Food in the Treats provide solid immune support for a body challenged by respiratory stress. Furthermore, they are tasty! The Treats can be given by hand or crushed up and added to the pet’s food.

Das Antioxidationsmittel have made a positive difference in 1000’s of pets over the years. We know from experience what an important role they play in helping pets overcome difficult respiratory issues.

Using the Oral Syringe for pets who are struggling to eat or drink. Just add the proper amount of Ox-E-Drops to 4-5 cc’s of water and dispense slowly along the teeth line to avoid choking. (Siehe Video unten zum Beispiel)

Das Respiratory Support Program for Dogs and Cats has been used successfully with thousands of or pets over the years. We expect to effective support with respiratory problems such as kennel cough, pneumonia, canine influenza (dog flu), or more minor issues such as basic coughing and sneezing problems.

The instructional Video provided here will guide you through the simple process for a more ‘natural’ restoration of respiratory health for most any size of dog. If you have an extra-large dog, OR want to use the program with your Pferd, rufen Sie bitte Zur Orientierung in Bezug auf Produktnutzung oder Dampfverwendung, besonders wenn ein Pferd der Patient sein kann (wegen der riesigen Auswahl an Gewichtsklassen). In einem solchen Fall a Vernebler Kann für die Dampfabgabe nützlicher sein. Du wirst finden NZYMES Mitarbeiter begierig, Ihnen mit Bedenken über die Wiederherstellung der Gesundheit für Ihr Tier zu helfen.


Mit den Nzyme Gesundes Atmungsprogramm, whether you choose the simplicity of the Ox-E-DropS allein oder die volle Unterstützung der Atemkit, Nach diesen einfachen Protokollen, können Sie Ihr Haustier einfacher atmen. Bitte sehen Sie das Video unten für Visual How-To-Anweisungen und Beispiel Fälle am Anfang dieser Seite.

Watch the VIDEO for Simple Instructions for our Respiratory Program.

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