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Juckender Hund


Juckender Hund, zu viel Kratzen? Holen Sie sich Hilfe, gewinnen Sie die Schlacht!


Jucken, Kratzen, Wiederholen. Seems like an endless road, right?. You might think “Fleas”, but you don’t find any, and are sure the dog is flea-protected. So, what else could be going on? Sometimes it’s an easy answer, sometimes not. We deal with these itchy-dog issues constantly, year-round. In contrast, many folks report this as only a seasonal issue with their dogs. But for dogs that are not bothered year round, this may mean the immune system is able to keep things “in check” in certain seasons, whether that is warmer weather or vice versa. It should be noted that factors such as stress, vaccinations, or diet can play a major role. Before getting into how NZYMES® products or Programs can help turn things around, for those of you looking for “Hausmittel” for immediate assistance with heavy itching periods, we offer some of those BELOW. But, to actually get a Auflösung to the ‘itchy skin’ issues, there are zwei major probabilities as fundamental causes for the dog’s misery:

  1. Poor Skin & Coat Health Aufgrund von ernährungsbedingten Mängeln und Anhäufung von giftigen Abfällen. WENN Symptome sind wenige, und Sie sind glücklich genug, um in diese Kategorie fallen, die Antioxidationsmittel Angeboten am Ende der Seite wird wahrscheinlich be enough help turn things around and maintain it. If your dog, as mentioned above, is one that seems to have ‘seasonal’ OR intermittent issues with too much itching, this increases your chances that category (1) is where your dog fits, with a single product needed (and maybe besseres Essen). But, in order to ensure that you make the right decision for your dog, the next major section below will help you better assess your situation – by making use of our comprehensive Symptom-Checker.  If any confusion with this, we invite you to utilize our Free Staff Support; just call – 877-816-6500.
  2. Ein tieferes Grundproblem Verursacht durch ein Verdauungs-Ungleichgewicht; worin, Hefe (Candida) hat es geschafft, die Kontrolle über den Darm aufgrund des Verlustes von bakteriellen Elementen zu nehmen sollte be in control.  Again, we urge you to evaluate your situation by using our Symptom-Checker (Blauer Link unten), bevor du fortfährst. Mit einer Punktzahl von 5 oder mehr beraten wir Sie sofort, unsere sehr erfolgreiche und ernährungsphysiologisch fokussiert zu überprüfen Gesundes Hautprogramm — because, your dog is likely dealing with the most common issue in dogs these days, Yeast.

Sehen Sie, was die Leute tatsächlich über Nzymes®- und Hundejuckreizprobleme sagen

Auf die Unterseite des Hundes juckende Hautprobleme

Um dir richtig zu helfen bestimmen Ob dein Hund passt Kategorie 1 oder 2 (above), we provide a method to help you ping your memory – for symptoms with your dog that may not be fresh in your mind. Please take some moments to make use of our special and comprehensive NZYMES® Symptom-Ursachen mit dem blauen Knopf unten.  Getting a Punktzahl von 5 oder mehr Symptom-Checker ist ein guter Indikator dafür Hefe Ist tatsächlich beteiligt, und deshalb wird das Problem in den kommenden Monaten viel schwieriger werden, wenn es jetzt nicht richtig angegangen wird. Wenn dies die Kategorie ist, die Sie bestimmt haben, dann verweisen wir Sie auf die sehr erfolgreichen NZYMES® Gesundes Hautprogramm – which is specially developed to RESOLVE these issues and restore proper health.

Symptom Checker Link

Getting a score lower than five would indicate that – even if yeast is present – things are not yet too terrible, and one of the NZYMES® Antioxidans support products (bottom of page) may be enough help to get the body back on track for healthier skin and thereby less itching, scratching, and shedding.  IF using this ‘single product’ methodology does NOT take things in the right direction within 4-6 weeks, this is a strong indication that some yeast detox is in progress and Sie können mehr Hilfe benötigen.  As always, the PHONE SUPPORT you deserve is only a call away – 877-816-6500; MF, 9 am Eastern, zu 6 pm PST.

Also, mit einem Symptom Checker Ergebnis war weniger als 5, we suggest you move into a new realm – of helping your dog to enhanced health from the ‘inside out’ – that will surely result in the healthier, less itchy skin you and your dog desire. Simply make a decision on the 3 Antioxidant products we offer to start this venture – using the BESTELLEN SIE JETZT! Knopf an der Unterseite. Wir sollten auch darauf hinweisen, dass, ob Hefe beteiligt ist oder nicht mit diesen Situationen, so dass der Hund die zusätzlichen ernährungsphysiologischen Vorteil von Besseres Essen Ist auch eine starke Empfehlung.

HINWEIS:  We have become experts in this area since 1999, not by choice, but according to demand. Being a very small ‘family run’ business (all American) we are known for superior customer service and being VERY helpful on the PHONE – probably more so than ANY similar business you can find.  We dare folks to try to find the kind of phone or any other kind of support from any of our competitors; most are just Internet retailers – looking to make a living. At Nzymes, we are focused on getting the results we promise with our Satisfaction Guarantee, OR we are not happy campers!

Itchy Dog Skin – Topical Help Methodologies

Nachdem wir Ihren Weg durch die oben genannten Informationen und Anleitung gearbeitet haben, haben wir noch mehr hilfreiche Informationen. Unabhängig davon, welche Seite der Münze Sie am Ende, 1 oder 2, kann es Zeiten, dass es notwendig wird, um vorübergehende Hilfe / Erleichterung bieten Auf der Haut; you can’t just let the dog do damage with excessive scratching, licking, or chewing. Below is a list of more natural methods to provide some relief (at the surface) for your dog’s itchy skin problems. While using one of our Antioxidant support products, either Antioxidationsmittel OR Sprouted Granules, within the below methods you will likely find one way or another to provide some relief for highly troubled areas of your dog’s body. While these “Temporary itch relief” remedies are offered below, you may learn more from our NEUES INFORMATIVES VIDEO.

Backsoda: Don’t you remember the days when baking soda was what mom used every time we had an itch? It is inexpensive and all you need to do is mix it with a little water and put the paste on the dog’s itchy spots.

Apfelessig: Mix a teaspoon or so of this into your pet’s food twice daily for added benefit. You can also spray this directly on the itchy spots, but dilute it with a little water if there is an open sore.

Gekochte Bucht-Blätter: Recipe >> 1) add 5-6 bay leaves to 1.5 cups of water and boil for 4-5 min; 2) remove from heat and allow to cool to a safe temperature; 3) use a fine strainer to strain-off particulates floating in water, and pour this water mixture into an 8oz. spray bottle; 4) apply this water mixture to troublesome itchy areas with spray OR by wetting a clean cloth, cotton-balls, etc.

Bittersalz: This is especially helpful for your dog’s itchy feet. Mix this with some cool water and put your dog’s feet in it for 5 to 10 minutes, but make sure he doesn’t drink the water.

Kokosnussöl: Coconut oil has been known to work wonders for many pet issues. Applying this topically helps to soothe the itchy skin as well as fight Candida Albicans (since we are actually dealing with a Candida Yeast Infection and probably not allergies). You can also mix a small amount of this into your pet’s food. I have not done this personally, but I have heard that it really helps.

Fischöl: Dies ist besonders hilfreich für trockene Haut. Reiben Sie etwas Fischöl auf jene juckende Punkte und sehen Sie Ihren Hund anfangen zu lächeln.

Loving our dogs as we all do, we desire for them to be happy and healthy at all times. The most attentive dog owners pay very close attention to their dog’s health, seek advice, and dig to the Wurzel of any ailments they may have. These natural solutions for itchy skin are a great way to avoid the side-effects of many modern medications. When you have a dog who flares up with seasonal “allergies”, ask yourself Why. Sollte mein Hund in den Frühlings- und Sommersaison unangenehm sein? Sollte er in Nesselsucht ausbrechen, wann immer er nach draußen geht, um zu spielen?

Seek to find the underlying issue here. Very often, the answer involves nutrition. Try a healthy approach to helping your dog’s itchy skin….and restore his health from the inside out.

Products Recommended for Troubles with ‘Simple’ Itchy Skin Issues in Dogs

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