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Shedding & Hair Loss Concerns – What to Do

Yikes, the piles of fur shed from the coat of your dog may not be as obvious as with this photo illustration, but they can certainly build up around the corners and crevices of your floors, on and around furniture and beds (when allowed).  So what’s at the Core of all this shedding of fur collecting everywhere? It’s really simple when you stop and think about it. The Haut und speziell Haarfollikel are just not as healthy as they should be!  Fix that issue, and you’ll spend greatly less time cleaning up the messy collections all over floors, furniture, beds, etc.  How is that done, you might ask. This is  Leckereien - kleines Bild wo unser besonderes NZYMES® Antioxidationsmittel come into play.  Either type, Antioxidationsmittel or Auswuchs, will provide your dog with the KEY element missing from the nutritional regimen!  Just a little bit, each day, will provide your dog with the “live functional food” that becomes the Ressourcen the body needs and uses to ‘stimulate production’ of Antioxidant Enzymes that are responsible for so much important activity (at the cellular level) within the body. With these “youth enzymes” being produced in higher quantities – as with a young animal or person – everything functions better, and the body becomes healthy overall, especially SKIN. That’s when you get to say ‘good bye’ to the excess shedding, as described by an elderly lady named Rolee in this Audio insert.  If you care to visualisieren such ‘youth restoration’ benefits, check out some Videos zur Wiederherstellung der Mobilität.

Sprossen Granulat, 1lb

While it’s great to provide nutritional items that add Antioxidants TO the body, which our NZYMES® Auch ist es umso wichtiger, dem Körper das zu geben Ressourcen it needs to ‘produce’ its besitzen Antioxidant enzymes responsible for restoring/maintaining youth. For this, your pet needs some functional LIVE NUTRITION in the daily diet as FUEL to stimulate the critical processes we’ve described. This is the essence of either FORM of our NZYMES®. A tiny amount, of either product, each day – can really help the body to restore and support a very surprising “youthfulness” that is resting just below the surface and aching to be unleashed. Healthier skin and coat is just ‘one facet’ of the improvements. We don’t have a ‘bunch’ of products to address the various common dog health concerns. Instead, entweder of these products can provide the body what is needed to meet most challenges – even coming back from schwerwiegende ACL-Schäden oder Operationen, or worse yet – Fehlgeschlagene Hüftoperation. Wählen Sie das Sprossen Granulat Oder der Antioxidationsmittel (made ‘from’ the Granules), and you then have a special ‘super food’ foundation for a healthier pet.  The Granulat sind auch wirtschaftlicher Wahl für breit sein dogs (over 60Lbs) and are also a better choice for finicky cats.  We generally recommend folks to consider improving the Hauptdiät for their pet as well, since most dog foods can contribute to degradation that the NZYMES® are working to undo. It is also important to keep in mind – that, while the body can make great strides at recovery/repair, it takes time. So, one should not expect ‘rapid’ results with such challenges. It’s all about the body improving its health von innen heraus; Daher kann es 30-90 Tage dauern, bis eine ernsthafte Verbesserung eintritt (ein Grund für unsere 120-Tagesgarantie).

Beginn der Verwendung von NZYMES® Support for SheddingCat_shedding_example

Obwohl keine zwei Haustiere gleich sind, erwarten wir zu sehen Anzeichen of progress in 30-60 days, with a final outcome of as much as 70-90% reduction in a dog’s excess daily shedding nach 4-5 Monaten. Katzen have entirely different types of coats, and though there may be significant variation, we still expect noticeable improvement. Annual shedding or ‘blowing coat’ is a normal metabolic process for almost all dogs; however, year-round shedding is a strong sign of nutritional deficiencies eluded to in previous paragraphs. Poor quality pet foods are big contributors to these issues, where they are lacking many elements – amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes; all such nutritional ingredients needed to maintain good health.

Wir möchten Sie daran erinnern, wie wichtig es ist, Ihr Haustier ein hochwertiges Tierfutter zu füttern. Um eine Liste anzuzeigen empfohlene Lebensmittel besuchen Sie bitte diese Seite auf unserer Website:
Tierfutter Wir empfehlen

Um mehr darüber zu erfahren, was im Tierfutter sein kann, das Sie füttern, besuchen Sie diese Seite:
What’s Really in Pet Foods?

(Hinweis: Nach dem Essen ändert sich der Hund, der bis zu 6 Monate aufnehmen kann).

Schuppen- und Schilddrüsenprobleme bei Hunden

Eine niedrige Schilddrüse Zustand kann oft dazu beitragen, Haarausfall. Symptome sind in der Regel als asymmetrische Haarausfall, die gleich auf beiden Seiten des Körpers oder entlang der hinteren Beine passiert gesehen. Haustiere mit diesem Zustand benötigen oft Schilddrüse Medikamente. Wenn Ihre Symptome ähnlich sind, dann sollten Sie eine Blutaufarbeitung von Ihrem Tierarzt machen oder eine Blutprobe an Dr. Jean Dodds, der führende Veterinär-Experte in diesem Bereich (siehe Link unten).

Nach dem Beginn NZYMES®, Sehen wir gelegentlich einen Ausgleich der Schilddrüse (T3 und T4 Ebenen) nach 3-6 Monaten und eine deutliche Verringerung der Schilddrüse Medikamente Anforderungen für einige Haustiere.

Wichtig zu lesen über richtig testen Blut für Schilddrüse Fragen
Canine Thyroid Problems – by Dr. Jean Dodds

Dog Hair Loss and the ‘Allergies’ Diagnosis

Though not the POPULAR position, what we prove on a regular basis is that… Allergien, Haarausfall oder Lebensmittelreaktion Probleme am häufigsten erweisen sich als zu sein Hefe verwandte Themen, as discussed previously on this page.  And these issues are so very common due to many factors; at the top of that list is the preponderance of poor quality dog foods most commonly available (with high glycemic carbs) as well as the high percentage of dogs these days with under-performing immune function and related issues – due to over-breeding in our modern world.

Many dogs have reactions to the ingredients, preservatives or the additives contained in a large number of commercial pet foods. Each day, we receive calls from pet owners who describe symptoms commonly diagnosed as FOOD ALLERGIES. These symptoms may include shedding, hair loss, itchiness, inflammation, dry skin, flaky skin, rashes, hot spots, and much more. They have been told that their DOG or CAT is allergic to one substance or another. There is partial truth told here; certain substances are certainly causing a reaction, but the reaction is to sugar coming from starchy foods – high in Glycemic index. Some folks have paid good money for allergy testing and have been convinced by their vets or dermatologists that their pets are specifically allergic to BEEF, CHICKEN, LAMB, RICE, CORN, SOY or many other ingredients. They tell us about the years of treatment and the costly medications needed to try to eliminate the symptoms their pets suffer from. But the pets never seem to improve or resolve any of the problems. NEVER do we hear these people discuss their Vets mentioning the dangerous preservatives, chemicals, flavorings, food colorings or additives used in making the brands pet foods they prescribe. Just ask yourself, does this sound logical? We don’t think so! By far, the majority of these cases we find are directly related to a breakdown of the GI tract and an overgrowth of candida yeast.

The NZYMES Take on the “Allergies Diagnosis”

Selten do we see a diagnosed FOOD ALLERGY or FOOD REACTION problem with a dog or cat that does not start to resolve itself with proper nutrition and correct supplementation necessary to start reversing an incorrect balance in the GI Tract. The symptoms that have an initial ‘appearance’ of being “allergy related” can quickly lead to a mis-diagnosis of “ALLERGIES” because the Pilzproblem (Hefe, die den Darm übernommen hat) ist wahrscheinlich unter den meisten übersehen sources of grave illness in our modern times, with humans as much as with dogs. This internal GI imbalance is highly related to weakened or under-performing immune systems, and (since yeast feeds on sugar) is made worse by feeding processed carbohydrates (i.e., grains, wheat flour, corn meal, corn gluten meal, white rice, rice flour, potatoes, pasta, sugars, etc.) – which are widely used in most of today’s pet foods and treats. However, in some cases, general itchiness and simple rashes can also be related to chemical additives in some of the poorer quality pets foods being sold today. The really unfortunate thing is… that the typical ‘treatments’ for what is thought to be ‘allergies’, end up aggravating the issue and making things worse.


Bewältigungsprobleme können auch schwerwiegende Haut- / Fellprobleme verursachen

Mange Fragen, Genau wie Yeast Candida Fragen, kann oft ein Ergebnis eines kompromittierten oder schlecht durchführenden Immunsystems sein. Unser NZYMES® Produkte helfen, die natürliche Aufnahme von Nährstoffen zu erhöhen und das gesamte Immunsystem zu stärken und die für die Erholung benötigte Zeit zu verkürzen. Für diese Probleme empfehlen wir die Unterstützung eines unserer 3-Pak Kits zusammen mit wirklich gutem Essen, wie Die wir empfehlen.

Dies ist ein Problem am besten von Ihrem Tierarzt bewertet, aber Sie können diese Seite unten kontaktieren, um Ihr Problem und die natürlichen Behandlungen zu diskutieren.

Diese Seite macht Naturprodukte für MANGE

See NEAR the bottom of the PetsBestRX page for detailed info about the 4 different types of Mange – per this clip from their page.

Produkte, die mit einfachen, grundlegenden übermäßigen Shedding-Problemen empfohlen werden

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